Eris’ Magical Slave Eyes

By Slaveduties


I love this picture of Eris because in it I really see the depth of what submission is. In her eyes I see a calm apathy…a sense of giving herself up. And there is no greater joy or pleasure for a slave than to do just that. Master captured a magical moment in time I think with this picture, and especially with this whole visit with Eris and her Master. Her eyes speak volumes to me, her position, her posture, her frame – they all say the same thing. "Use me. Abuse me. Love me. Take care of me."

Submission is akin to a mental vacation…yes your giving up your humanity in a sense, but in another sense your grasping onto it and embracing your desires…whats wrong with that? Master has essentially dedicated his life now to documenting these amazing people, living lives like we have…as 24/7 BDSM relationships – this isn’t play, its not "kinky" its…life! Plain and simple, its just how we choose to live our lives. Some people look down on us, some people question the moral and mental health of our Masters and Mistresses…yet they simply don’t seem to understand the bond and the love that is shared between us.

If you haven’t already – and I know this seems like another lame shameless plug, join and see the wonder and the spleandour and the joys that perhaps you wish you could indulge in. And I wish you would! I wish everyone would break out of their cacoons and live the life they wish they could live – if even for a short time. For every soul, there is a slave…for every soul there is a dom…go find yours :)


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  1. Merrill October 9, 2010, 8:23 pm

    I think this is a wonderful display of what a true submissive shows in her eyes.


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