Used and Abused

By Slaveduties

Master Eric X of Wasteland is definitely not a Master to mess with. He is an expert at flogging his slaves and you can see that he thoroughly enjoys the pain he causes as he shows off his flogging skills. His slave, Leila, has no idea what she’s about to go through but she can probably tell just by looking at Eric’s sadistic smile that it’s definitely something that she’s not going to enjoy! I love the fact that you can tell just how much Eric X is enjoying himself as he humiliates, torments and forces orgasm out of poor Leila. His smile reminds me so much of Master’s smile when he’s thinking of something diabolical to put me through.

I guess I myself must look a lot like Leila, who squirms and writhes with the pain and pleasure that she is forced to experience at the same time. I know that I must move and contort my body in the same way as Master pushes me to my limits and beyond. The thing is, as much as I hate it while it is going on… I also love it! The sensations I feel during our tormenting bondage sessions are indescribable and I always feel so elated and exhausted once it is all over.  Watching this clip gave me a new outlook on what a third person would see watching Master and I. Perhaps he will video tape us one day so that I can relive those experiences by watching myself getting used and abused just like Leila is here.

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