Pee Drinking Slave

By Slaveduties

I’ve always been kind of fascinated by people who drink another person’s urine. I’ve read a lot about it here and there on the web and find it kind of hard to believe that people can tell when the person has had coffee or not. Sure you can tell if the person has had enough water by the color of their pee, but to be able to tell if they drink coffee? I guess it’s true that what he ingest changes the color and probably taste of our bodily fluids. Just like how if a man eats a ton of pineapple, his semen will taste sweet to the tongue. Also kind of like how, when you eat a lot of asparagus, your pee ends up smelling just like it! heheheh. For those of you who have never had that happen, I swear it is true.

I used to have a boyfriend, or rather, an acquaintance, who would pay me to sit at his desk without underwear while he was on his hands and knees, under the desk, drinking my urine out of a dog bowl. This was a long time ago of course, way before I ever realized that I needed to be the submissive one in my life. I always wondered why he would pay me so much just to pee into a dog dish and play games on his computer. I was never weirded out by it, I think I just thought it strange that he could not find a girlfriend willing to do this for him.

As I was looking through this morning, I found pictures of the first day that Starla and Randy started their 24/7 BDSM relationship. That very first day, Randy offered a wine glass to Starla so that she could pee in it for him to drink it afterword’s. It was almost like a ceremony to me, watching him offer the glass and later drink it up. Like a kind of pact being made between him and his Goddess. I have to admit although drinking urine holds no appeal to me except pleasing my Master, this scene was just so hot. I love watching Randy chug down the entire glass of his Mistress’s golden urine as she smiled down at him. I think that this was Randy’s way of saying that he will do anything for her, and will worship her in every possible way. The whole idea is absolutely sweet and unbelievable sexy.


  1. WolfSlaveGirl October 1, 2009, 12:36 pm

    Your post was quite intriguing, especially given the fact that I’ve been forced to drink urine by two different Owners … a Mistress several years ago, and a Master who recently came close to Owning me permanently.

    The Mistress drank plenty of water, so it was often hard to tell much from her urine. The Master, however, clearly not only wasn’t drinking enough, but he had far too much sugar and salt in his urine, and I let him know that in a very kind way.

    I’ve repeatedly mentioned things about that Master in my journal, “Diary of a Consensual Slave” (, such as the fact that he took me to a porn theater and had all of the men there (about a dozen or so) use me, filling every hole simultaneously for more than an hour. The Master stood watch (and guard) nearby, and he said he kept track and that I had 20 orgasms in an hour. I’m taking his word because it all soon became a blur to me in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    Mentioning the fact that he would always have me drink his urine straight from the source (he would have me suck on his cock and pee in his mouth), and then he would have me swallow it all down to the last drop, should probably come up soon in my blog as well. Despite the fact that I’m pretty graphic about the sexual encounters I’ve been having, I wasn’t sure if that would turn off any of my readers.

    My journal, by the way, is a pretty straight-forward account, in which I’m trying to paint a true view of what my life is like now. I hope you might get some enjoyment out of it if you take a glance at it.

    Thank you for creating a wonderful blog of your own experiences. You’re an inspiration in many ways.

  2. hummingbird4109 February 14, 2010, 12:57 pm

    I was VERY interested in reading your comment on the Pee Drinking Slave
    I have not had much luck in contacting many other practitioners of this act, and was wondering if you could assist me in locating a group (in the U.S.A….I live in Italy) of similar interest that I may join.
    It is not easy connecting with females who are of like mind; many do not look upon the act with an open mind.
    I have been fortunate to have located a lovely, local 67 year old German woman who has agreed to let me drink as much as I want from her.
    She is quasi-vegetarian, and I must tell you that the taste of her urine is exquisite….she saves all of her morning urine for me (a voluminous quantity), and if I can get to her house early enough, it is still body temperature.
    I must say that, although I started out drinking women’s urine as a health supplement, I have been finding lately an erotic reaction…especially to the large quantity B.(her initial)gives me to drink…….I recently asked her if it would be possible to drink directly from her, but since we are married to different partners, we have not yet resolved that.
    Anyway, if it would be possible to forward to me a link I can contact for person’s of the same interest, I would really appreciate it.



    • Slaveduties February 15, 2010, 12:49 pm

      I would say to try because you can search for people in the USA and rather than have a support group for Urine lovers you can meet people on an individual basis who share your love for drinking or having their urine drank. I also found this site called experience project that offers a forum for people who enjoy this fetish. People on there will post personal stories and give each other advice although I’m not sure that they are all from the U.S.A. If either or the Experience Project help, or if you find another good support site let me know and good luck to you!!! ~slaveduties


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