Doberman Puppy Girl

By Slaveduties

Master Johnny really does love trying out different things with his sexy slave Debby. In this BDSM session on , Johnny got his hands on a doberman suit which transforms Debby from a slutty little slave to a beautiful doberman puppy girl. What I like so much about this gallery is that this suit reminds me so much of the one that Master’s puppy girl wears. Except for our puppy girl now has a mask and hood that makes her have nice long floppy ears and a cute spot around one eye. She’s such a cute little bitch and I just love it when I am able to take some free time, cuddle with her on the floor and scratch behind her ears. This hardcore pet play gallery also shows us the tiny perks that have been added to the puppy girl suit, like the double zipper that allows easy access to the Debby’s cunt and tight little asshole. This way Johnny can fuck his bitch doggy style like a slutty bitch dog should be fucked, all the while keeping her in her suit. I’m seriously starting to enjoy this site more and more as I consider what these slaves must feel like as their humanity is stripped away from them and they are forced to take on animalistic personas. It must be amazing to have your mind become more and more like that of a base animal, slowly taking on only the concerns that a dog would have for example, such as wanting to go out to pee, being fed and being rubbed down. I’m appreciating Master’s puppy girl’s good training a hell of a lot more especially when I think about what she was first like when she came into our household! Anyways enjoy for yourselves seeing the transformation that Debby experiences as she is turned into a doberman puppygirl bitch!


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