Dirty Asian Lezdom

By Slaveduties

I have got to hand it to ForbiddenEast.com, they have some of the hottest Asian BDSM content that I have seen. Although most of the videos aren’t in HD, I still find that they do the trick for me and get me sopping wet down there in no time. The movie gallery that I’m posting the link for is one of my favorites. It’s always been such a fantasy of mine to be tied to or on top of another girl, both of us with no option but to have our faces shoved deep into each others moist nether regions. There’s just something so utterly sexy watching these two girls struggle against one another, their bodies wiggling and grinding into each other. I kind of look at is as being a competition of who can possibly get the most pleasure out of this situation. If you look at it that way, then the girl on top is a sure winner as she manages, god knows how, to prop herself up, pushing her wet cunt even more into the face of her fellow slave. She seems drunk on pleasure as she grinds her hips while face sitting on her poor friend. In my fantasy however, there would be no opportunity for me or my friend to do something like that. Our bodies would be tightly bound together so that we have no choice but to be completely immersed into one another.What I also really enjoyed about this BDSM gallery is the rest of the videos which have one of the slave girls and her Mistress in some one on one Lezdom action. It looks like so much fun to be forced to squirm in a puddle of mud, dirtying oneself so that the whole world can see just how much of a dirty slut you are.  I was really turned on by the facial expression of this petite Asian slave as her Mistress uses her foot to get her off. she seems like she’s just so enraptured in both pain and pleasure. She’s like some primal animal, covered in mud, writhing on the floor, completely unable to maintain any sense of decency or control over her horny pussy. Anyways before I give it all away, I’ll leave you so you can go take a look for yourself!


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