Irony’s Pet Bitch

By Slaveduties


I guess because Master has his own puppy girl that lives with us, I find that I’m becoming more and more curious about pet play. Not to say that I would want to be a puppy girl or any type of animal for Master but I do find it intriguing and a big turn on to watch other slaves being humiliated in this way. There’s also the factor of getting to see how different Masters and Mistresses dress up their slaves in order to make them look more like the pets that they are.  For example, Mistress Irony recently decided to give pet play a try with one of her girl slaves for She used tape and bondage tape to contort and restrict her puppy girl’s body into  a position which resembled that of a bitch.  She also put what I would guess is some sort of party mask to emphasize the puppy girl look that she was going for. I love the mask. I find it is truly more humiliating with the mask on than off.

Mistress Irony does not just stop at humiliating her slave by dressing and binding her up to make her a puppygirl. She takes out a bottle of lube and a big syringe and injects lube into her puppygirl’s ass and already wet cunt. How degrading is that? ! You don’t even get the personal touch of your Mistress’s fingers as they rub lube onto your private parts, no all you get is a stiff syringe shoved into your pussy. There is no pleasure being given to this puppygirl and Irony makes sure of this by putting on a strapon and fucking her poor pathetic pet until she is whimpering. Mistress Irony however doesn’t touch her bitch’s clit nor does she allow her to cum.


  1. Dan January 29, 2010, 4:15 am

    I am very new to all this.I think I really like the idea of having a slave .maybe we kind find one and train her to be my registered working dog since I get around in away wheelchair.

  2. Curious and Confused January 29, 2010, 4:52 am

    Regarding this post, I must say . . . even as a straight chick I think Irony is amazing! If it wasn’t for Mistress Irony and Goddess Starla, I would have never realized that I could take pleasure in the dominant side of BDSM. That being said . . . I have a few questions. I am only 19 years old, and have had BDSM submissive fantasies since I was 10. Finding your blog has really helped me realize that I’m not that weird, and that I’m not all alone in this. I do, however, view positive emotions as a healthy part of a relationship (aka I have too much sexual trauma in my past to let myself be emotionally degraded, but I have no problem with the physical aspect of these situations). So my questions are: is it possible to be in an emotionally “vanilla” relationship while still incorporating interchangeable BDSM play in the bedroom? Do you have to be open to same-sex play in this lifestyle, or have any Master force you to sleep with other guys or perform sexual favors with them? Is it acceptable to only be intrigued by giving or receiving pain (or torture by chastity) but not by anything involving feet or urine? Are people who live this lifestyle really safe (as in, can I be secure in trusting that in these situations I won’t be raped or forced to tolerate physical or emotional situations beyond my control)? I’m just a girl who’s been severely emotionally damaged with a past of sexual trauma, who’s been able to get myself off since I was 10 and yet a sexual partner can’t get the job done, and who wants a relationship that’s male/female, physically and emotionally satisfying but not emotionally degrading (regarding sexual humiliation in front of others). So I guess my overall question is: is it possible to be in an interchangeable BDSM relationship while still being in an emotionally “vanilla” relationship outside the bedroom (or dungeon if I get really lucky)? Because I can say this much: As for male/female one on one (or even being dominated by a female as long as I don’t have to perform oral sex on her [or] my metaphorical Master would be loyal to me and not allow anyone but me to make him cum), I would want to experience a good majority of what you’ve referenced on this blog before I die, including some of the kinkiest and most painful activities. Is BDSM for me, or do I have to choose between physical and emotional satisfaction? I’m sorry for all the questions, but I’m at a turning point in my life and sexuality and I could really use some help here! – Curious and Confused

    • Slaveduties February 2, 2010, 2:44 pm

      Hi Curious and Confused!
      I’m glad that you have really thought about this and have a lot of questions. In my mind it is always better to want to know everything rather than just jumping into this type of lifestyle. You know I did find Master online but I consider myself very lucky to have found someone with whom I connect so well with. I have heard a lot of horrid stories about people ending up meeting very sketchy people online and only realizing what they are getting themselves into once they are tied up. That being said your best option is to always make sure that you meet a potential Mistress or Master in a public area for a couple of times before engaging in any play. Also ask around to see if this person has a reputation. Your best bet is to try and make friends in the BDSM community near you. Go out to fetish and BDSM events and parties. Not only will you have a better chance of meeting someone there but you will also be able to ask around and know what that person is like. I cannot stress enough how cautious people have to be when playing with someone new. As for finding someone who will want a serious relationship while still having BDSM play in your lives that is entirely possible. There’s s no rule set in stone that if you are into BDSM you have to like worshiping feet and being pissed on. In fact most of the people I know each have their own fetishes, no one is exactly alike. The key is finding someone who shares the same ones as you or finding someone with whom you don’t mind fulfilling their fantasies even if it is not their thing, as long as they reciprocate the favor. There are a ton of people out there who are into BDSM but do not want to pursue it as a 24/7 lifestyle. Some couples will have BDSM play dates once every couple of months or so.

      You shouldn’t be concerned about being forced into anything. If you make your boundaries clear and state what you will or not do, any good Master or Mistress will respect that. I knwo a couple of female slaves that are major pain sluts and can take any beating given to them and yet if you happen to verbally abuse them or degrade them like calling them a slut, they fall apart. Everyone has their own limits, you just need to make sure that yours and your partners are not only heard but also understood. I think that pretty much covers all your questions, if I forgot anything don’t hesitate to respond! I wish you the best of luck in finding a Master/ partner!!!

  3. adult dilara February 25, 2010, 7:00 am

    You shouldn’t be concerned about being forced into anything. If you make your boundaries clear and state what you will or not do, any good Master come here plz

  4. Curious Innocent March 28, 2010, 2:27 pm

    I’m in a similiar boat to Curious and Confused: I’ve always had an interest in kinky play and recently realized this interest extends to BDSM. I’ve never had a chance to explore into this world. I do tend to err on the side of caution and was hoping I could ask you some questions before I dove into this world.

    I’ve already realized that I would want to be the submissive player as well as what actions I can handle and enjoy (although I am willing to try almost anything out at least once). Despite all this…. I am still scared and nervous.

    I am hoping you wouldn’t mind answering just a few questions:

    Are there any safety precautions taken in case of any mistakes to prevent the sub. from getting hurt, physically or mentally?
    Is genuine and true love possible between Master/Mistress and slave? I know I would not be comfortable putting so much trust in a person unless I genuinely love them and they feel the same for me.
    Is it possible for a women to easily go from being submissive in BDSM in the bedroom and then change back into an independent woman in all other aspects of her life?

    Thank you so much in advance!


    • Slaveduties April 5, 2010, 3:37 pm

      Hi Curious and Innocent,

      The bets possible way to prevent any serious injuries both physical and mental is to have a safe word and to make sure that both parties understand that when that word is uttered all action must stop. What I used to use with Master, which we haven’t had need for in a very long time, is one which is pretty common. When you say YELLOW it means that you are okay but things are getting a little to intense and when you say RED it means everything needs to stop immediately. I’ve always been a fan of that system because it lets you warn your Master if things are getting too hardcore too fast, so the session does not need to come to a halt, it just needs to go slower.

      Personally I do believe that true love is possible between a Master and Slave. A good hint that your Master is genuinely concerned for you is how he acts once the session is over. IF he just walks away and leaves you there right off the bat you may have a problem. A good Master, especially when you are just getting into this lifestyle will always bring you down easily. He will comfort you and make sure you are okay especially if the sessions was particularly intense. If you are a lifestyle submissive like myself who is a slave 24/7 it is kin d of hard to maintain independence in your outside the bedroom life. I’m not saying that it is impossible but it is hard. On the other hand I know of many couples who enjoy BDSM activities together but do not practice this lifestyle all the time. They will engage in it anywhere from twice a week to once every couple of months when the mood suits them. I think the submissives in this type of relationship have no problem maintaining their Independent lifestyles.
      Hope this helps you out a bit!


  5. john January 4, 2012, 10:54 am

    o mistress Irony,s ===you can be a real strict dominant bictch mom and all ways have a real big thick long wide a good 5/8 thick spanking beatting rubber strap in your hands to beat my dog ass off and my slave ass with a good boot ass kicking from you mistress Irony ===i will be willing to be your rubber dog in girls panties on my ass baby duipers huggers pull ups pant and rubber pants on my slave ass ===i am so will to get my slave little 5-6 tall 138 lbs right into the girl skin tight and stretching real tight good ==holding my huggers pull up real tight and good on my slavery ass ==rubber ears plugs butt rubber plug in my slave ass and ==you can gag me into a rubber horse bit and 4 tie down belts and buckels ===i will be glad to open up my slave mouth for you to place the rubber bit on my tong and grab the neck belt and pull it tight in place on me ==tight the chin belt up tight ==and take the 2 belts on the side and you can tight the belts up real tight on me ====i will go true that real quiet the suit hoot tie under my chain you cant see the belts on me ==and use a full rubber eyes nose 1/2 air hole open and you can pull the rubber down my head to my neck and use a dog coller
    tight and grab the hood back laces pull and pull until the hood is stretching back on my face ===i will be so dog quiet for you ===you can have me in steel hancuffs hand foot lock up helpless on my hands and kneek on your floor cuff to a 3 foof long to a steel pipe bar on your floor hogtie helpless ===my hand will have to get to my feet first to get free and it no way out of the hogtie bar pipe ===i will be cry ball holer scream like a rubber baby and real quiet dog and i will be discipline 3 times the rubber beat spank strap in your hand to beat me into tears and your boots to kick my ass ==i will be trying to bit on the rubber horse bit and get no were with it ===the rubber hurt bit in pain can control me to be real quiet mistress Irony ===i dont care about you spanking my rubber slave ass off and kick my ass off ===i will give up and be your full slave and ready for true slavery ===you do not ever and i mean never have to tolerate any of my disobedience in dog ro pony girl training i will come to you to get my dog ass lock up in your dog cage and if you have a jail room to confinement my slave ass up under lock and key to hold my slave ass into your house and all ways keep on a chain lock under your roof mistress Irony ===i do unstand it going to hurt me but i do not care let the discipline rubber bit control my gag keep real quiet ear plug in my ers and the two rubber hood hold the rubber round bit hold me real quiet no talk back ==i will be real scared of you and no bath room to go to only me i can be jail a long time and cage lock up a long time ===you can have all my will –mine body soul and beat my spirit from me mistress Irony === they call me slavesuzie i am for real and be your rubber dog pet ===no sex at all just play for real bye mistress IRony i wii be glad willing to go true all corporal discipline punishments wit that big thick Rubber spanking beatting strap in your hand you can have all the girl dominant power ove me on me 14–7 bue slavesuzie ..


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